Women's Day - Promotion

An open letter to my uterus

My dear!

In the first words of my letter I will not ask - what's new with you? Not about your health. I have known the answers to these questions for some time now. I am glad that we understand each other better and better, and our regular conversations helped clarify all grievances, misunderstandings and conflicts that existed between us.
Also dear! I will describe to you what our last month looked like from my perspective and what each subsequent month will probably look like for at least 20 years.

Follicular phase

I love this time when you give me energy and radiant skin for almost half a month. We are happy to leave the house, we have strength, sex appeal, and that twinkle in our eyes! We feel a sense of anticipation, as if something amazing was about to happen.
“I'll throw a big ball! One for 500 million guests!” you scream and, not listening to what I think, you rush into preparations. Fortunately, you don't do everything yourself. Unexpectedly, one by one, Estrogens appear - very helpful, stylish and simply adored by women.

With your decor, you try to create a comfortable atmosphere. You cover the entire space with soft red carpets. You attach great importance to the decoration of the main entrance. You want the door to be wide open so that no guest can have any doubts that they have come to the right address. I'm laughing at you a little because how can you miss the entrance lined with pink velvet with garlands of glitter streamers flowing down it.

Ovulation Phase

At last! Everything is ready! You stand in the doorway in a stunning ruffled dress. You can barely contain your excitement. Oh, how funny it is to watch you like this. You almost jump with excitement. Jeez, how I feel about your condition! My legs are shaking and I struggle to concentrate on searching for common sense - my intuition tells me that it may be useful.

Luteal Phase

Suddenly time begins to move inexorably slowly and we stand and wait. Out of boredom, we count the stairs and drink champagne from which the bubbles have long since disappeared. Estrogens are slowly disappearing, of course in English, not wanting to upset you, but you understand... They have been waiting here with you for several days!

You can't believe it. This hall was supposed to be flooded with crowds of guests, but not a single one showed up! I feel like saying that this could have been predicted, that if you had asked me whether it was worth going so crazy, I would have cooled down your enthusiasm. Such a party doesn't happen often, sometimes 1-2 times in a lifetime. I repeated it so many times! "My friend, don't count on me to arrange millions of guests here for you, because I have something to do!" I admit - once you literally had the party of a lifetime! However, it's hard not to mention the guy who partied at your place for 9 months, greatly straining your hospitality and my energy.

Now you look at me with disappointment, but probably also with relief and extreme tiredness. So much preparation wasted! There is no trace of estrogen left. Progesterones appear to bring the party to a close - cloudy and unsociable types. They wander around red carpets, tripping every now and then.

Menstruation phase

Oh, little girl, you sit huddled in the corner and cry tears of sadness, sometimes so hard that I can't keep up with giving you tissues. I feel very sorry for you. I wrap you in warmth, I eat bananas with peanut butter for you, because it always improves our mood. The fountain of tears turns into quiet sobbing and after a while, only your steady, deep breathing can be heard. You might expect to fall into a well-deserved long sleep…
But no! You, crazy madwoman, get up as if nothing happened and plan the grand ball of your life again for 500 million guests, hoping that maybe at least one will come.

It's no secret how tumultuous our lives are, but I feel like we need to talk about it a lot and loudly so that everyone can hear how amazing you are! Disregarding or ignoring your strength is unfortunately a common phenomenon today. As if it wasn't obvious that you give life if I feel like it. You give pleasure when I treat you well. You determine the rhythm of my existence and give me the strength to fight for our rights.

I thank you for that.