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Erotyczne zabawki nie zawsze są ukrywane w szufladzie bądź w „pudełku rozkoszy” pod łóżkiem. Jednak w dalszym ciągu są trudne do wypatrzenia, ponieważ przybierają najróżniejsze formy i często można je pomylić np. z lampą. I czy dalej możemy używać tutaj nazwy „zabawki”, skoro niektóre z nich wyglądają jak małe dzieła sztuki, a niektóre jak większe ;)

Bedside Lamp 

Lampka nocna autorstwa Matteo Cibic, to bardzo funkcjonalny przedmiot! Nocna lampka zamienia się w nocnego kochanka. Kochanek jest zrobiony z silikonu i co z nim można...

What does a visit to urogynecological physiotherapist Anka Zemlik-Franz look like?

Urinary incontinence , painful menstruation or intercourse, or difficulties in getting pregnant are health problems that urogynecological physiotherapy can help solve. However, visiting a specialist is often not our first choice because it is still not a very popular practice. Instead, we wander from gynecologist to gynecologist, often losing hope for a "normal life." 

Partly for the purpose of creating this material, but also largely driven by my own curiosity, I decided to visit Anka Zemlik-Franz's office. Step by step, I described the entire visit for you.


ABC of pelvic floor muscles. What to do and what definitely not to do.

We hear more and more about the pelvic floor muscles. Very good! Because they have a lot of work to do during our lives. So that they serve us well into old age, it is worth remembering them. You may find that some bad habits can be really harmful to them. Check if you are handling your MDMs properly.

Don't hold your urine, but don't pee too quickly. When we wait too long to go to the toilet, our bladder expands like a balloon. If you inflate a balloon repeatedly...

Dildo or Vibrator? A short story about you and how you wanted everything and you got it.

Maybe you are at this crossroads in life and wondering which erotic toy to choose. There is no point in downplaying this problem. And how important this decision is, you will learn from my fairy tale. However, if you are a person who likes specifics and you have outgrown fairy tales long ago, please read the last paragraph.

Imagine your dilemma as a fork in the road, with you standing in the middle wondering which one to take. You are looking at a signpost with two arrows pointing in...

so(PURITY) panties, or about the art of giving yourself pleasure

There are moments when I want to forget for a while. Then I reach for my favorite pink box that I keep in the bedside table.

I feel a nice tickle in my stomach and I know that in a moment this feeling will spread throughout my body, from my toes to the ends of my hair scattered on the pillow. From inside I take out a cotton bag with a delicate, plant print. I slowly spread the string and my hand comes across a slightly cold, pleasantly smooth shape....