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For the sake of your senses, pussy and peace of mind

Women's Rituals


Created by women for women

Figa focuses on topics related to the female body, which are generally considered shameful. For far too long we have believed in many of the nonsense that society tells us, so now we pay tribute to female physiology.

Fig flora





I always start my search for packaging, printing houses, sewing rooms or other necessary services for Femifiga to run from our city of Wrocław. Then I make wider and wider circles. Thanks to this, I managed to establish great cooperation only with Polish studios, factories and companies.


Giving up plastic packaging and fillers was obvious to us. Femifiga is made of paper! Moreover, the boxes in which you receive the Fig sets can be reused, for example, as a gift box or storage for so-called "bullshit".


I pack each parcel personally and, in addition to a card with special wishes, I also like to add dried flowers saved from bouquets or fig leaves collected during the holidays. If you want, I will be happy to include your personal wishes for the person you want to give it to.

The “oops!” policy

Even though porcelain is a very resistant and hard material, there are situations in which it is simply not possible. A fall from a great height onto the floor will certainly end Figa's life. Of course! It happens! So don't waste your tears, let us know what happened and we will send you a brand new Figa. “Oops!” Applies to the Figa porcelain dildo and works for 3 years from the date of purchase.

Let's stay in touch!

Once a month I send a newsletter, a nice one, for coffee. With recommendations, thoughts, news from the world of Figi and more.