Women's Day - Promotion

so(PURITY) panties, or about the art of giving yourself pleasure

There are moments when I want to forget for a while. Then I reach for my favorite pink box that I keep in the bedside table.

I feel a nice tickle in my stomach and I know that in a moment this feeling will spread throughout my body, from my toes to the ends of my hair scattered on the pillow. From inside I take out a cotton bag with a delicate, plant print. I slowly spread the string and my hand comes across a slightly cold, pleasantly smooth shape. I take it out and look at it against the sun, squinting. Is beautiful. It delights with its sculptural, elegant form. It fits perfectly in your hand, almost blending with it. Perfect balance and proportions allow for a wide range of gestures. Like a work of art - it inspires you to carefully immerse yourself inside yourself. Take your time, breathe deeply, and check your impressions from many perspectives and angles. It's like a meeting of physical objects, but from a different angle.

I'm experimenting. I taste the moments and both ends of this sweet fruit. I discover that Fig tastes great both sweet and spicy. It can warm you up incredibly, but when kept in the fridge, it will provide surprisingly fresh sensations. In further searches and explorations, I am only limited by my imagination. The power is in my hands and I have a feeling that the effects may exceed my expectations.

Thank you Figa, my artist friend.

With tenderness,