Women's Day - Promotion


A hot water bottle will be great not only for menstrual pain, but will also alleviate the broadly understood pain of existence, fatigue, irritability and all negative moods. Hugging a warm, heavy pillow is a bit like hugging your mother when things are bad.

After heating in the microwave, on the radiator or in the oven, it stays warm for an hour. Additionally, the seeds gently massage the tense, sore area and release the delicate aroma of cherry wood. In one word - space!

*microwave - heat the insert placed on a plate for about 3 minutes at 600W

*oven - heat the insert in an ovenproof dish for about 15 minutes at 100*C

*radiator - place the hot water bottle on the radiator and after 30 minutes it will be pleasantly warm

*freezer - 30 minutes in the freezer is enough to create a perfectly cold compress


We only heat the hot water bottle insert, the cover should be removed before putting it in the oven or microwave. If after the specified time the hot water bottle is not warm enough, you can gradually increase the heating time of the insert until the appropriate temperature is reached.